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Land Based Fish Farming

Decades of experience in Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS), benefits all our customers world-wide. Our equipment is developed and based on many years of experience and a well known and proven technology. Aquatec now offer our customers to benefit from our unique Aquatec equipment for land based fish farming as well as OEM products.

Emergency Power Generator :: Fish Tank Cleaner / DĂždfisk opsamler :: Feed :: Lime Dosing Automate :: Oxygen equipment :: Ozone :: Walkways 

Aquatec Bio Filter Media

Lifetime and easy cleaning media with excellent removal efficiency of nitrogen.

Aquatec RAS Additives

Aquatec offer water chemicals for effective and optimal RAS running conditions. Please contact Aquatec for your demand.

Aquatec Feeding System

Our AQS Feeding System assures we match the fish appetite for optimal productivity - 24/7.

Aquatec Emergency Power Generator

Aquatec Emergency Power Generator assure electricity on your site 24/7.

Aquatec Fish Tank

PVC Mold system for easy build-up concrete foundation. Fiber glass and prefabricated concrete tanks.

Aquatec Fish Tank Cleaner

Collect dead fish, faeces and waste feed in a user friendly installation Easy cleaning and non-blocking system that reduces stress on fish.

Aquatec Fish Tank Degasser

AQS Degasser contributes positively to the water temperature in the re-circulation system and assures better water quality.

Aquatec Grading Machine & Fish Pump

Sorting and grading equipment with sensible handling for fish welfare.

Aquatec Hatchery & Incubation

Complete water cleaning system for hatchery with low water consumption - See our profile brochure for further information.

Aquatec Heating unit - Mobile

Aquatec Mobile Heating unit build in an insulated 20 foot container. The heat pump unit is a water to water modulated screw compressor.

Aquatec Oxygen Equipment

High quality compressors and O2 generators, precise distribution of oxygen in high efficient fiberglass cones with low O2 usage per kg fish and oxygen stones, emergency hoses and oxygen panels.

Aquatec O3 Ozone Generator

Our unique ozone equipment disinfects water - resulting in crystal clear water.

Aquatec Pipe System

Offering complete pipe system for the fish industry including pumps and sensors.

Aquatec PLC System

Unique custom designed control and surveillance system to optimize your complete aquaculture.

Aquatec Sensors

Wide range of sensors to control and surveillance complete aqua-culture system.

Aquatec Sludge Treatment

Complete sludge treatment system and Filter press to separate waste, sludge and water into valuable fertilizer.

Aquatec Drum Filter

Drum Filer Plate Seperator

Aquatec UV System

The UV unit integrated in our system break down all given organic matter in a very economical scale. Combination of reliable Hydrotech drumfilter and Aquatec UV system for sterilising intake water. The high UV output lamps can easily being changed while the system is running.

Aquatec Vacuum Degasser

Easy media cleaning system with high N2 degassing efficiency.  See video here: Aquatec Vacuum Degasser

Aquatec Walkway & Platform

A new way to access your tanks and production area in an environmental friendly material without maintenance

Aquatec Lime Dosing system secures non-blocking

Aquatec Trickling blocks for degassing

Aquatec De-Phosphorescing systems

Aquatec Electrical Backup Generator

Custom designed equipment on request - All units suitable for land based fish farming.

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