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What is RAS - Recirculation Aquaculture System

Recirculation is to re-use the water again and again and again, when doing that, you naturally need to ad oxygen and pH stabilizing components, but primary accumulation of the below waste products will take place which have to be removed:

  • CO2 - is the first waste product that will reach too high values and it is removed by stripping either by blowing air into the water or by trickling through cascades
  • Ammonium - is the next waste product that will reach too high values, this is removed by micro organisms in the aerobe bio filters
  • Organic material - is quickly becoming the next limitation of waste products, this regarding larger particles removed by drum filters and the smaller particles by the bio filters, the efficiency is though widely depending on type of bio filter
  • Nitrate - is the next growth limiting factor, this is removed by micro organisms in the anaerobic bio filters
  • Metals - is the last growth limiting factor which is removed by the de-phosphor system by settlement using iron chloride

Recirculation = Quality fish

As recirculation gives you the opportunity to run with stable water quality conditions within all parameters and you can prevent disease outbreaks, it gives you a number of benefits:

  • Fish that grows constantly and well, have low FCR and high SGR.
  • High survival rate.
  • All year round controlled growth due to full control of temperature. 
  • Low stress on the fish
  • Adjustment of temperature for better transfer to sea.
  • Possibility to run with variable salinity

Aquatec Zero Water Change

With AQS Zero Water Change system you need only small amounts
of intake water which gives you a number of benefits:

  • Great freedom of placement of your fish production plant. 
  • Production close to or just beside sea sites
  • Increased production on existing intake water availability. 
  • No or minimum heating costs 
  • Low cost for salt treatment. 
  • Small size equipment requirement for intake water and waste water 
  • Low impact on enviroment
  • Low cost for sterilising intake water

How do AQS work

  • "Idea to Realisation"
  • Customers needs
  • Production plans 
  • Water quality requirement
  • Dimensioning
  • Heat & mass balance
  • Custom designed layout
  • Civil works drawings
  • Equipments
  • Installation
  • Supervision 
  • Training and start-up
  • Following maintenance and management support

AQS guarantees performance

  • Customers Performance Guarantees 
  • Biomass
  • Feeding capacity
  • Water quality
  • Power consumption
  • Temperature control
  • Sludge treatment
  • Last payment when system at full production
  • Hot-line 
  • Trouble shooting 
  • Management support
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